For English Speakers

Hello there

Welcome to my weird blog where you find posts about books to otomes to my life or the things I like. I originally designed this blog in Turkish, my native tongue as you well see, but from time to time I tend to write in English because 1) I love English 2) I want to improve my English 3) big fangirling things mainly happens in English and I feel like I can reach more people if I use English.

You may say if you like English this much then why don’t you open an English blog instead or write fully in English ? A good question but I am lazy for another blog. Maybe in the future. For now please get used to my untidiness.

You can find my game reviews in English mostly so if you travel through menu you will find a game list. Also you can review all English written post if you chose eng in category(kategoriler) bubble. Good luck.